Excited Students Explore AU during Orientation Week

Sunday, Aug 27, 2017

The new students joining the academic year 2017-2018 were treated to a ceremonious convocation ceremony that kicked off the Orientation week. AU orientation week was nothing short of fun and frolic as students enjoyed the insightful workshops, guiding sessions, bonding activities and exploratory tours.

Lecture entitled "Succeeding at AU" delivered by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Khalid Al Saleh outlined for the freshmen the key aspects of the first year of their academic life  and how to succeed at it.  The Deanship of Student Affairs, Office of Registration, IT, Finance and Library gave detailed presentations of their operations and how they can facilitate the students.

A day was dedicated to the sports facilities and teams. The students were introduced to the indoor sports complex and the outdoor football field. The sports complex that houses the tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool and a fully equipped gymnasium were open for student to explore and sports competition was also organized for them to try their hands at the various sports. At hand were team captains to enroll the freshmen into the respective teams.

The Students Club organized entertaining magic, music and poetry shows along with introduction to the many clubs on campus for the students to join and be an active part of. An informal supper ensued the activities of the second day, to assist the freshmen to break ice with their peers and seniors.

“The Symphony of Colors” was a date with Arts for students who explored the Fine Arts Unit. Freshmen were able to express their talents and passion through colors on canvas. The freshmen also took city tour of the emirates of Ajman and Sharjah as part of their orientation.

On the fifth day, the female student clubs organized cultural performances and other competitions, whilst the male students Games Club organized the FIFA league of the PlayStation Games, Prizes were presented to the winners at the end of the competition.

The University Housing Unit organized informal dinners at their respective hostels for the new students to acquaint themselves with their peers.

Dr. Nahla Al Qasimi, Dean of Student Affairs explained, “The aim of Orientation Week is to ensure the smooth transit of students from the school stage to the university stage, and break all psychological barriers that prevent the integration into the new community”. Al Qasimi added that the new students need to be guided at this crucial period in order to start in right way to ensure their excellence and success at the university. Dr. Nahla Al Qassimi thanked all the student activities supervisors whose great efforts ensured the success of this week. She thanked the organizers students who played a major role in all the activities of the Orientation Week and were distinguished ambassadors to the University.