Student Council and Student Clubs

Student Council and Student Clubs

Student Council

AUST recognizes two single-gender student councils for male and female students. Each student council consists of 15 members, 10 of which are nominated by the colleges while the remaining 5 are chosen through campus-wide elections. The Student Council’s mission is to represent students and give them the opportunity to communicate their views and concerns to the Higher Management. It provides resources for the various student organizations and clubs, and endeavors to promote the values of teamwork, dedication and responsibility.

Student Clubs

The DSA encourages students to set up and be active members of different clubs which would enrich their extramural experience.

Student Services

The DSA is also responsible for monitoring the student services offered by AUST, which include:

• Student accommodation

• Food services/cafeterias and restaurants

• Transportation

• Healthcare

• Reprographics Center (providing photocopying, printing, binding and software facilities, etc.)