Students Activities Unit

Student Activities Unit

• Social and Cultural Activities

• Art Activities

• Sports Activities

Social and Cultural Activities

The DSA, through its dedicated staff and student volunteers, as well as its active cooperation with external community actors, plays a vital role in shaping campus life, and organizing cultural, social and entertainment activities for the benefit of the entire AUST community. These activities include, among others, seminars, lectures, symposia, training courses and leisure trips.

Art Activities

The DSA is keen on promoting the aesthetic and artistic aspects of student life. Through the University’s Fine Arts Center, AUST students are invited to discover their artistic talent, hone their abilities and express themselves. The FAC regularly takes part in art exhibitions and student competitions within the UAE and beyond.

Sports Activities

To promote the students’ physical wellbeing and development, the sports activities are an integral part of student life throughout the duration of their studies. These activities, which are organized and supervised by the Student Affairs Department, include indoor and outdoor individual and group games, tournaments and competitions.